Alpha, Bravo, Charlie

Released: August 1998, On 4 cassettes
Starring: A lot of new people who are real life military personnel. Produced by the ever famous Shoaib Mansoor (Ankahi, Fifty fifty). This has been a much awaited play. It's a sequel to Suharay Din which he did a few years ago (also on military life).
The play caught the audience and media's attention before it even got started because it is filmed on location in many places. The play realistically portrays military life, both the emotional and physical aspects of it. The cinematography is awesome! The actors are great! The whole play is very well directed, acted, and produced. Much awaited to be released on's finally available! Go out and rent it because it's not one to be missed especially if you need a few good laughs :)

Other Comments
An excellent excellent play. Deserves four stars. Very refreshing and unlike the traditional pakistani play. -Mahnaz