Agent X

Released: September 1999
Starring: Faisal Qureishi, Ahmed Ibrahim, Jawed Bashir, Ayesha Khan, Nini, Ahsan Rahim, and others.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the team behind the once-popular and now-not-so- popular video countdown "VJ" has decided to thrill the audience with a drama this time. Those well acquainted with the humor of this comic team will be a bit surprised at what this drama has to offer. These guys (Faisal, Ahmed , and Jawad) have not only acted in "Agent X" but have also done all the behind-the-scenes work. Agent X (played by Ahmed) is a perfect man in the eyes of everyone and whose basic mission in life is to get rid of Dr. Cash (villaneously played by Faisal). Agent Y (Jawed) is Ahmed's lazy and clumsy sidekick and friend. Yes, I can hear you all snickering already at the stupid plotline and you will laugh even more if you see it. The comedy is good but can get ridiculous at times. Some of the scenes are cheaply shot, but some are very effective in portraying the mood. However, the ending is unpredictable and very far from nonsensical. Simply put, "Agent X" is only for human beings out there who have an appreciation for the weird. - Naureen

The last 13 episodes consisted of:

Agent X - Fakhr-e-Alam
Agent Y - Amna Khan
Agent Zero - Najaf Bilgrami
Boss - Nadeem Jaferi
Seretary Tina - Ayesha Saqib
Dr. Cash - Faisal Qureshi
Tipu - Ahsan Rahim
Shaan - Mostafa Khalid
These episodes were
Written by - Faisal Qureshi
Directed by - Ahsan Rahim
Produced by - Dr. Rafat Siddiqi

Now, its being directed by Nini instead of Ahsan and Jawad Bashir, and Adeel Hashmi, have also acted in some episodes.
info. by Amna Khan