Agay Agay Dekhiyay

Starring: Behrooz Sabzwari, Sadia Hussain, Nabeel, Azra Siddique.
Written by: Azhar Azmi
Directed by: Saad-ud-Din

This comedy series revolves around leftmenu brothers and their wives who live together in one house. We have the elder brother Shafiq (Behroz Sabzwari) who is a hen pecked husband and his wife Nazi (Sadia Hussain) who is the boss of the family and the younger brother Rafiq (Nabeel) and his wife Rehana (Azra Siddique).
This half an hour series has these four characters up to new antics in each episode where they try to out do each other and make hare brained schemes to make money. It's good once in a while when you have nothing better to do. Some episodes are funny, the others are not. -by Gina