Aik Teray Milnay Sey Phelay

Released: May 1999
Starring: Mishi Khan, Ali Afzal, Aijaz Aslam.

Mishi is this happy go lucky type of girl and Aijaz Aslam is her cousin and best friend. She works in an office where this colleague of her's, Ali Afzal, is absolutely crazy over her and wants to marry her. When he proposes to her, she tells him that she is engaged and madly in love with her fiance. Now Ali thinks that she is simply saying this to get rid of him and on the prompting of his friend invites Mishi and her fiance for dinner. Now she is in a fix as to what to do and she enlists her cousin's help. So they both decide on a plan to fool Ali and hence Aijaz goes to the dinner as Mishi's fiance. Naturally Ali who was thinking it was a bluff is disappointed and Mishi and Aijaz have a good laugh over this.
Yet a few days later some one shoots at Aijaz killing him and Mishi suspects Ali to be the culprit. She goes with her suspicions to the police and Ali is arrested and the case goes to court. Is Ali really the culprit or was it some one else? -by Gina