Aik thee Mahro

It's a long play shown on PTV during the Drama Festival 98, so I doubt if you will find it on video.
Starring: Yasir Nawaz and Sania Saeed. It's a story of a village girl. Very nicely done. -Shakeel

Eventhough the story is age-old, it is very nicely presented. Sania plays a 19-20 year old girl, and her make-up and hair is done in such a way that she looks that age. We are shown that Mahroo has fits which are extremely hard to control and the family won't consult a good doctor to figure out what's happening as if they are trying to hide something. Slowly through flashbacks we find out how the innocent Mahroo fell in love with Sajawal (Yasir Nawaz) and the feelings were mutual. Again the difference of class arises where Mahroo's parents belong to the upper-middle class, and can't even tolerate the fact that someone from the lower class would lay eyes on her. Yasir has a small role, but his expressions are brilliant. The highlight of the play being the acting and Sajawal's rendition of NFAK's "Kinna Suna Teno Rub Nay Banaya".

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