Aisa Bhi Hota Hai

Starring: Rubeena Ashraf, Sadia Imam, Ali Afzal, Adnan Jillani, Latif Kapadia
Directed by: Faheem Burney

This long play revolves around leftmenu cousins, Zara (Rubeena Ashraf) and Sara (Sadia Imam). Their parents have died and left all everything to them once they turn 21(Big Joke!), but on the grounds that they both get married.

They meet a good for nothing person (Ali Afzal), who is forever in debt and aspires to make it big some day. He presents himself in a double role as twin brothers, one for each girl. He gets married to both of them on different days and then the fun begins. He has to juggle between leftmenu wives, keeping both satisfied.
After some time, he plans to kill one brother, but as he has come to love both Sara and Zara, he is unable to decide who the widow should be. Meanwhile the cousins start to suspect that something is wrong. Will they find out the truth or will Ali's scheme succeed? -by Gina