Aajaib Khana

Released: October 1997
Starring Badar Khalil, Mishi Khan, Nabeel, Zaheen Tahira and others. Written by Noor ul Huda Shah(remember the fabulous play "Marvi") and directed by Iqbal Ansari. As everyone has probably heard that this play had to wait for 3 or more years to go through the censors and finally be approved by PTV. The controversial topic is of prostitution. Mishi Khan plays a prostitute who wants to be successful but is lost and betrayed in this cruel world. Nabeel is obssessively in love with Mishi, but of course Mishi has better things to look towards and doesn't care about Nabeel. Badar Khaleel was a singer during her time and she refuses to let go of her past pizazz and glory. The story moves quite slowly but the ending is very appropriate and well done. Mishi does a wonderful job especially towards the end of the play. Sanam Iqbal has given a good performance in her role as Saddiqa. The background music of "teray ishq ki intiha chahta hoon" was quite appropriate. There are certain aspects of it which I don't agree with like: I've never seen that people had to touch their elders' feet for respect and as one viewer mentioned that the play highlighted Bida', which is haram in Islam, but is deep rooted in the Pakistani culture.

Other Comments: It is a good play, with excellent story pace and acting. The story is not different but is close to reality, but surely a bold subject. Overall we did not get bored or thought that our money got wasted. Play has some good Ghazals. I would definately recommend it to others. -Amer