Currently running on PTV. Total of 10 episodes.
Starring Seemi Zaidi, Tanveer Jamal, Mohsin H. Khan, Rabia Noreen. Directed by Tanveer Jamal. The play sounds like Yeh Zindagi Part II. Kainat (Seemi) gets married to Tanveer Jamal. Tanveer can't have any kids; he blames Kainat for it but pretends to love his wife no matter what. Mohsin's is Tanveer's elder brother who was previously in love with Kainat but because of family and age differences couldn't marry her. Kainat really wants a child (sounds like Yeh betchya!) so she adopts her servant's baby but pretends that she's pregnant and it's her own child. Tanveer becomes suspicious and blames Kainat for committing adultery, so now Kainat has to prove that she is not what her husband thinks she is. Yeh Zindagi was interesting because it explored this topic for the first time (or so I believe) but this one sounds like a sorry effort.