Andheray Dareechay

Released: April 1999. 19 episodes. Directed by Abdullah Kadwani. Written by Shahid Kazmi.

Starring: Talat Hussain, Seemi Zaidi, Humayyon Saeed, Ali Afzal, Azra Siddiqui, Mumtaz Kanwal, Farid Nawaz Baloch, Kulsoom Butt, Sultana Zafar, and Abdullah Kadwani.

The pivot of the story is Saeen Badal played perfectly by Talat Hussain, whose lust for wealth and power has no bounds. He follows his own set of rules and the word mercy does not exist in his dictionary. His son Naeem (Humayun Saeed) is an oxford returned young man who refuses to accept his father's point of view resulting in clashes between the leftmenu. Hence Naeem lives in the city, runs his own business and tries to keep away from his father's activities.

Jawad (Abdullah Kadwani) is a honest government officer who tries to expose Saeen Badal and hence becomes his enemy. Jawad is engaged to Riffat (Seemi Zaidi) who falls in love with a tennis player Adil (Ali Afzal) and refuses to marry Jawad. The engagement is broken and Riffat gets married to Adil yet the very night Adil has an accident that leaves him crippled. Riffat accepts this trick of fate gracefully and leaves no stone turned in caring for her husband. Yet he starts feeling guilty of ruining her life and forces her to get a job. Naturally she gets ajob in Naeem's office as his secretary who falls for her at first sight. Conveniently this fact is hidden from him that she has a prior husband and so the poor chap starts pursuing her.

Meanwhile Saeen Badal takes fancy to Aashi (Afreen) and gets her kidnapped. Saeen Badal arranges for her to stay with a couple Mr and Mrs Safdar while he arranges for the wedding. Mrs Safdar (Rosheen) meanwhile introduces her to Jawad. Aashi and Jawad now join hands against Saeen Badal. Aashi is forced to marry Saeen Badal and live with him but when Naeem hears her story he decides to help her and takes her to the city with him. Aashi tries to expose Saeen Badal but without any success. Saeen Badal finds out and puts Aashi in his jail.

Jawad gets engaged to Riffat's younger sister Nuzhat (Azra Siddique) but before Riffat is informed of this Adil divorces her and she has a nervous breakdown. When she recovers she conveniently assumes that Jawad is still in love with her and she attaches herself to him asking Naeem to marry Nuzhat. Naeem is not ready to take a no for an answer and tells her about Nuzhat and Jawad's engagement, a fact the whole family is hiding from her for ages. Riffat is in a fix. She now goes to Naeem and asks him to marry her in court. Yet Nuzhat overhears and lets Jawad know who gives hell to Naeem. Naeem mentions this to his father who gets Riffat kidnapped and puts the blame on Jawad.

What will happen to Riffat and Aashi now as both of them are in Saen's jail. Will Naem finally win over Riffat. Will Riffat believe that Naem had no hand in her kidnapping. The play was very well written and kept the viewers wondering what happens next as the play reaches its end. It does get to drag in the end. The director could have easily finished in 15 episodes instead of dragging it to 19. Otherwise the play is really good and should not be missed. Every one excelled in their roles. -by Gina