Released: November 1998 ; 10 episodes.
Starring: Sadia Imam, Humayun Saeed, Sajid Hasan, Nida Mumtaz, Sami Sani, Farheen, Sultana Zafar, Aslam Latar and others.
Written by: Salman Wajih Hasan
Directed by: Syed Faisal Bukhari
Ali Karim (Sajid Hasan) plays a business tycoon, to whom his company means everything. Sarfaraz (Sami Sani) his younger brother is engaged to his cousin Shama (Sadia Imam) since childhood but falls in love with her younger sister Huma (Farheen) and decides to marry her. Ali meanwhile falls in love with Shama and after Sarfaraz and Huma's wedding sends in a proposal for Shama which she accepts on the condition that Sarfaraz and Huma will not live in the same house. Though Sarfaraz offres to move out himself both he and Huma resent this resulting in differnces between the brothers. Ali's 17 year old son Aamir too dislikes this and tries to stop this marriage and even tries to commit suicide but is saved by Kamran Ahmed (Humayun Saeed). Kamran is a lawyer who was a student of Shama's father and have fallen in love with her but by then it was too late as she was getting married. Ali Karim's son, Aamir, refuses to live with Shama and leaves the house. The final blow comes when Sarfaraz and other board members vote to oust Ali and replace him with Sarfaraz. You'll have to watch and see how Shama deals with her in-laws and tries to set things straight. -by Gina


Trying to make Sadia Imam look older just didn't work. Humayun Saeed is a good actor but apparently he's taking every lousy offer that comes his way...he should try to be more selective now that he has established himself. The only saving grace of the drama was Sajid Hassan. The play offers nothing special and a few discrepancies leave the viewers wondering.