Anokha Bandhan

Starring: Shabbir Jan, Kanwal, Khayyam Sarhadi, Irum Hasan, Ramya, Masood Akthar, Riffat Tajalli
Written by: Hussain Shaad
Directed by: Aneela Bokhari

Once again a play based on the feudal system. I wonder why the producers never get tired of it. The viewers do. The story revolves around the Khan family who is a Mafia in itself. The elder brother, Waseem Khan (Khayyam Sarhadi) has been banished from the family because he had left his first wife Kausar to marry an outsider Saba (Kanwal) because he wanted a baby, an heir to his empire. Saba does have a baby but it's a girl and she cannot have another child so Waseem Khan starts moving away from her and into the web of Jahanara begum (Riffat Tajalli) who uses her daughter Tehmina (Irum Hasan) as a bait to get a hold of all his property (hmm sounds familiar betchya!).
Waseem's younger brother Qasim (Shabbir Jan) is a big fraud himself who wants to possess all the family's wealth. He is engaged to his cousin Ramya and has her brother kidnapped to posses all his lands.
Then we have a couple of more characters namely a lovestruck doctor Jahenzeb who's in love with Tehmina and does not have the money to win her over. There are a bunch of other characters added on for no reason whatsoever. Simply there are too many characters which leaves one really confused and I fail to understand what all the hype was about. People who love these kind of feudal plays can give it a look. Maybe they'll enjoy it. It was a re-hash of alot of other feudal plays shown from year to year. -by Gina