Released: 1996/7, on 5 cassettes
Starring Shafi Mohammed, Fazila Qazi, Behroz Sabzwari, Huma Nawab,the Wasti family, Sohail Asgar, Afzal Ahmed, Asad and many British actors .
This drama is based in London. The drama has a political theme to it. Afzal Ahmed is the politician from Pakistan, who has come to Britain after being summoned to court. His daughter Laila Wasti is married to her mother's British relative against her father's wishes. Afzal Ahmed is also on a mission to find his daughter.
Afzal comes to Britain and is very chummy with Shafi Mohd and doesn't know that Shafi Mohd has his own plans. Shafi Mohd's daughter is played by Fazila Qazi who plays the role of a journalist and who likes Asaad, a pilot. Asaad's mother Tahira Wasti is in jail for drug smuggling. In the same cell as Tahira is Huma Nawab.
Sohail Asgar is portrayed as a shop keeper and has leftmenu daughters, both are British actresses. The eldest daughter is going out with a black man and Sohail Asgar is against this so he arranges for a Pakistani munda. This is none other than Behroz Sabzwari, who is quite funny.
This drama has a fast moving storyline, so be sure not to blink! The ending is basically about most of the characters regretting their actions, some of the characters have to accept defeat and others just live happily ever after! -Shazia