Badaltey Mausum

On 4 cassettes.
Starring Talat Hussain, Robina Ashraf. Written by Abdul Qadir Junejo. There are leftmenu stories which never really come together. On one hand there is Robina Ashraf discontented after living in the US and trying to find peace in her homeland. Her favorite line is "wo culture naheen hai gutter hai gutter!" and then she's always thinking but we really don't know what she's thinking. The other story is of a poor woman who does her M.A. and then through Talat Hussain's source finds a job and becomes rich and ends looking like a fashion designer of some sort who has gone way overboard with her make-up. I liked the ending, but the drama had many "foozul" (unecessary) dialogues. Not really worth watching unless you can't find something else. Yeah Talat Hussain's dialogues were funny and witty.