Retelecasted on PTV in Feb 1998
Khalida Riyasat, Talat Hussain
Written by Haseena Moin
Directed by Mohsin Ali
The play is really old and is currently being re telecasted on Ptv, and I feel it's a treat to watch it. This is one of the best plays of Haseena Moin and watching Khalida and Talat is a treat too as both perfrom superbly. The story revolves around an extremely miser person Shoaib uncle who finds his home flooded by relatives. There lives his friend's son Shahzad (Talat Hussain) who is a lawyer and whose judgement he greatly trusts, his orphaned nephew Khalid who's sole interest in life revolves around girls, and his sister-in-law and her son Gulzar who have shifted here for his money. Shoaib also has a grandson Aamir who is studying in America and has no plans to return.
In enters in his home a happy go lucky girl Tania (Khalida Riyasat) who is Shahzad's client's grand daughter and whom he helps to reach safety when she jumps over the wall to run away from her grandfather's home. Shoaib uncle decides to keep her in his house as her grandfather wants her to marry a boy of his choice immediately and she does not want to marry at all. So when she finds out from Khalid and later from Aamir himself that he has no intentions to return home and to marry, she agrees to Shoaib uncle's plan to marry Aamir. Hence a nikah is done on the telephone with both parties agreeing to a divorce soon after. Shahzad does try to stop this hypocrisy but fails. Shoaib uncle now writes a telegram to Aamir of his illness and asks him to return immediatley but the plane on which he is travelling crashes and that chapter closes. Tania's grandfather's death forces her to stay in this house and gradually she and Shahzad fall in love. While Shoaib uncle is planning to get them married a telegram comes announcing that Aamir is alive as he had never boarded that plane and is now returning. What will happen now? Will Shahzad and Tania unite or does destiny have something else in store for them? This play should not be missed.
I think its a really great idea of Ptv to re telcast their hits. I could not have watched this play otherwise. -by Gina