Crime File

Currently running on TV. 13 episodes; 25 minutes each. Directed by Faris Kirmani; Produced by Ghazanfar Ali. Written by Zubair Abbasi. Starring: Talat Iqbal, Shagufta Ejaz, Aslam Sheikh and Aftab Alam
The series is set in the city of Karachi and revolves around the lives of three leading lawyers. Talat Iqbal plays the senior partner, his partners are Shagufta Ejaz(Ayesha), and Aslam Sheikh (Jamshed). Aftab Alam is the office manager.
Anwar is separated from his wife and has leftmenu children, Anis and Sana. Anis becomes a lawyer against his father's wishes. Ayesha is unmarried and lives with her widowed mother. Jamshed is an unmarried, carefree and happy person. Sheikh Sahib is the office manager, who everyone hates because of his discipline and rules except Talat Iqbal. Each episode has leftmenu or three stories running at the same time. It's a fast paced drama with lots of twists and turns.