Released: 1996
Starring Marina Khan, Huma Nawab,Sania Saeed, and Shabbir Jan. A 90 minute play, so probably hard to find on video.

It is about these 3 friends who are basically quite confused with their life. Amber is divorced after a love marraige which did not last and is unable to find any direction for her future. Natasha (Marina Khan) is in love with a married man (who married someone else only because Natasha was unable to express her love in time) and is confused with regard to her status in this man's life. Tanya is a classical dancer who finds peace with her friends and is having problems with her parents with regard to the generation gap. Tania loves a fellow student, Humayun Saeed, but her parents don't accept him because he's a classical dancer. He is willing to give up dancing for Tanya, but Tanya refuses to accept that due to her rationalistic approach to life. The drama deals with how all three of them sort out their problems and in the end, a vauge kind of solution is found out for all their problems. What I liked most is the treatment of the topic and the fact that it was not streched beyond a point where it may become boring and unbearable. I was impressed with the acting of all the people in the drama. - Punit

Other Comments
I think it was a pretty confusing play, and I was lost somewhere in the middle. I still wonder why people liked it so much.