Tum bhee Wohi, Hum bhee Wohi

Released: October 1998
Starring Shakeel, Badar Khalil, Saadia Imam, Naila Ali, Nadeem Jafri, and others. The same old story of a mother-in-law wanting the best for her daughters but not for her daughters-in-law. All of her kids and her husband follow whatever she says for the most part. Things start changing when one of her sons marries Sadia Imam who tries to defy the laws of the "saas ji". An average play with nothing new to offer. Shakeel's talents are wasted. Badar Khaleel is now given only mean "saas" type roles which is becoming boring to watch. Sadia Imam is quite annoying at some points with her teenage antics. She had done a good job in Khali Haath..wonder why she would do such a play. The play introduces quite a few new actors some of whom have horrible dialogue delivery and look quite uncomfortable on screen.