Aik Diya Bujha Hoa

Starring: Humayun Saeed, Sonya Khan, Yasir Nawaz.
Written by: Zubair Abbassi
Directed by: Furqan Siddiqui
Long Play

Arshad (Humayun Saeed) and Hamid (Yasir Nawaz) are leftmenu inseparable friends who work together in the same office. For example when Hamid is sick, Arshad spends the whole time at his bedside taking care of him. A new girl Sasha (Sonya Khan) joins the office, and both friends fall in love with her. Finally the stage comes when they both decide to marry her and not one is willing to step aside for the other. They now try to express their love to her verbally but both fail and finally decide to write to her. Here it should be mentioned that Arshad also is a very good and expressive writer and often writes short stories and novels too. So you must be thinking that Arshad is selected. Well I won't let the cat out of the bag but would say that it is a very different play and should not be missed and the climax, is amazing and beautifully presented. A definite watch if you can get a hold of it. Humayun Saeed was excellent and I cried in the end, it was so touching. The play emphasizes the importance of friendship. -by Gina