Itni Si Baat

Released: 1996/97, on 2 cassettes
The story is basically about leftmenu cousins one of them is played by Mishi Khan and the other by Tazeen Hussain. Tazeen is quite disturbed in life, household problems and faces insecurity. The supporting character is their phoppo(aunt Badar Khaleel). Tazeen's mom left her daughter at a very young age because of her parents' "anah", neither of them met eachother. The girl ended up staying with her father and her phoppo, but her father never gave time to her. Mishi and Tazeen both look for jobs and both receive them but in different places, that is where the romance starts. Mishi with Ali Azmat(from Pal do Pal) and Tazeen with her boss(Humayun Naz). -Imrana

Other comments: This drama hardly deserves three stars. It should be called "Itni Si Baat Jo Bohot Badi Ho Gayi" or something. Everything in it was shown as an extreme and highly unrealistic-her dad not paying any attention to her, her mom not visiting her, and the whole episode with her love interest, which i will let you see for yourself. It was a very dissappointing and depressing drama. Without Mishi Khan and Ali Azmat, it would have also been very boring. -Uzma