Janey Anjaney

Released: August 1998, On 4 cassettes
Starring Nadia Jamil, Asad, Humayun Saeed, Talat Hussain, Samina Ahmad and Vaneeza. Written by our favorite Haseena Moeen.
Almost the entire play is shot in Mauritius. The story revolves around Vinny (Nadia Jamil) who is engaged with Asad. Asad leaves Pakistan to go to Mauritius to find a better life. He finds a high paying job in a company owned by a Pakistani business man. There, Asad is attracted by his boss's beautiful daughter (Vaneeza), and her money and soon forgets his fiancee in Pakistan. Vinny is puzzled by why Asad is not calling or answering her phone calls. To make matters worse, Vinny's mom dies and she finds out that her family was hiding some secrets from her. The play is worth watching, beautiful cinematography, and excellent production quality not to mention the soothing background music. -Jalal

Other Comments:

Very good play with great acting by Humayun Saeed, very entertaining. -Sara

Humayun Saeed is very funny and keeps the momentum of the play going. Nadia's spontaneity and simplicity lend reality to her acting. Both Humayun and Nadia have an on screen comaradore that makes their scenes fun to watch. Asad looks horrible with his hair all slicked back. Vaneeza does a fine job. Although not up to par with Ms. Moeen's previous plays, it's still worth a look for a few laughs and nice acting.