Jisey Piya Chahay

Starring: Huma Meer, Sami Sani, Humayun Saeed, Naila Jaffery, Sultana Zafar, Aijaz Aslam.
Written by: Fatima Surraiya Bajiya
Directed by: Syed Asad Raza.

A three episode story that revolves on the importance of beauty parlors in a woman's life. Midhat (Huma Meer) is a sweet adorable loving wife of Shahzad (Sami Sani) who has nothing better to do except to insult his wife at every possible moment and to carry out affairs with his secretary. Of course Midhat has a loving mother-in-law, leftmenu adorable kids and leftmenu extremely caring brothers-in-law, Fawad (Humayun Saeed) and Jawad (Aijaz Aslam). She just does not have the love of her husband.
Shahzad's friend's wife (Naila Jaffrey) has a beauty parlor. She convinces Midhat to come to the parlor and viola! Midhat turns into Cinderella-minus the glass slippers. Prince Charming (Shahzad) is stunned. He starts taking her to his office parties and she impresses everyone with her intelligence and beauty and Shahzad gets promoted etc etc.
In the meantime her house and kids are neglected and she soon realizes that Shahzad is only using her to get successful and does not really love her. Hence she returns to normal and Shahzad leaves for Dubai. Will she ever win him back with her love?
The play had started really well but then I think Bajiya lost her main objective (much like in Tasveer). Humayun Saeed was WASTED in the play. I think he should steer away from such meaningless roles. Looks like the producer was a good friend of both Humayun and Aijaz hence they accepted such roles. Huma Meer has done so many of these poor neglected wife roles that is has become monotonous. Definitely not worth a watch. -by Gina