Kachay Dhage

Released: 1997
The story is based around leftmenu characters one being Kashif and the other a girl. They meet by fate i.e. Kashif goes abroad to some foreign country to study and happens to get set upon by some thugs who almost end his life. They beat him up and leave him for the dead, however it just so happens that he is discovered by an attractive passerby who helps him to recover and teaches him life still has a meaning meanwhile falling deeply in love with him. The background music is very romantic. After he recovers, he travels back to Pakistan and with him he takes her rose as a token of love and promises to return for her hand. Howvever due to extreme circumstances it takes him a while and in the end after crossing all the obstacles in their way they find love-- the kind of love that nobody can take away. The story is so romantic I can assure you, you will be emotional. -AB