Released: 1995/96, on 4 cassettes.
Starring Samina and Usman Pirzada, Shabeer Jan, Agha Talish, and others. This drama is supposed to be based on a true story. It had the same effect on me that Hawaien had and I wanted it to be over really soon! Shabeer jan and Samina Pirzada are married with children and are spending their lives happily but what kind of a drama would it be without some stupid tragedy striking the "acha khaasa" household...so we have this woman making an enterance who happens to be an old neighbor of Shabeer's and hmm well sparks kinda fly...but the woman is married and she has a college-going daughter. Anyways it is a samina pirzada drama and it had to have some kind of an Asma-Jehangir angle to it (for people who are unaware: Asma Jehangir is a famous attorney in Pakistan who fights for women's rights and has had quite a rough time while doing so). So this neighbor-lady gets killed and her daughter moves in with Samina and Shabeer...around the same time Usman Pirzada makes his appearance and the "flying sparks" get to serve a dual-duty of having a quasi-romance flourish between Samina and Usman on the one hand and Shabeer and the neighbor-lady's daughter on the other. Well Samina's bro and Shabeer's family also complicate things and in the end you get a throbbing headache...or a weeping heart...depends on ur personality...so watch it because it's nicely done but do arrange for a few advils/tylenols regardless of your personality-type!-Ali