Released: June 1997 Episodes: 14
Starring: Shabbir Jan, Fazila Qazi, Nabeel and others.
Shabbir and Fazila are husband and wife, but they've got too many problems. Fazila is a working woman with too many social activities that Shabbir can't cope with and they disagree all the time about Fazila's priorities and her place in the family. On comes a baby sitter which complicates things even more, and Fazila moves back with her parents. There awaits her cousin Nabeel who's out to get her money and estate. How Shabbir Jan saves and figures things out forms the climax. The viewers seemed to really like this play and the actors have performed very well throughout.

Other Comments

It seemed to be a very interesting drama, however the storyline was not used very well, and thus it became very boring towards the end. I would not reccommed it. -Sara