Khel Khel Mein

Released: December 1998 A long play so don't expect to find it on video.
Starring: Humayun Saeed, Javeria Jalil, and Saira Khan.
The play emphasizes on the point that telephone is a necessity and should not be misused otherwise this could happen to you too. Two Friends, Muskan (Saira Khan) and Zeba (Javeria Jalil), are studying together for their exams and out of boredom start making prank calls. On such an excursion they get hold of Salman (Humayun Saeed), and when he gets irritated, they make it a habit to call him daily. The poor guy reaches home after a long day in the office at 6.00 pm and the phone rings. He keeps requesting and begging them to leave him in peace but to no avail. Two months pass and Salman grows curious as to who these girls are, and he wants to meet them face to face. They arrange to meet wearing certain colors for recognition. Salman sends his idiotic assistant dressed as himself and watches from a distant as to what happens. The girls meet the assistant and are totally disappointed and leave without disclosing their identities. Salman overhears their conversation and finds out who they are. Zeba and Muskan decide not to call him again, but it's Salman's turn to take revenge. Salman starts calling them and starts flirting with them individually to the point that the girls want to break off their engagements. Does Salman get his sweet revenge or do the girls find out before it's too late? -by Gina