Khwaab Azaab

Released: March 1999
Starring: Saleem Sheikh, Huma Meer, Sadia Imam, Saba Hameed, Noman Masood, Faisal and others.
Written by Yunus Javaid
Directed by Mian Zahid.

The story revolves around Huma Meer's family. She has leftmenu brothers, Saleem and Faisal, and a sister. Her father and her support the family through their income, but they're still a fairly middle class family living in a small house. Saleem is in college and is in love with Sadia Imam who belongs to a rich family. Saba Hameed plays her mother who sees everybody with the eyes of "status symbol" and loves to degrade her husband. Faisal loves money and dreams of being rich and sometimes doesn't mind stealing a few greens from here and there. Noman Masood doesn't fit his role of a college guy obssessed with Sadia who ignores him. Sadia is shown as a bit spoiled who likes to flirt with everybody even her 50 year old teacher just for fun (I found it rather disgusting).
Everybody in Huma's family dreams of being rich just like any normal person except the father (what a surprise). Huma likes this guy who just likes to take her money and accept gifts from her and keeps on delaying the marriage question. Huma is shown as a working woman full of sorrow at the world's treatment of women. Her purse is snatched from her, guys constantly bother her on the street, and nobody's mommy wants her to be her bahoo.
To summarize the story line: everyone is depressed and watching them try to act made me really depressed. The dialogues are just what they are dialogues!. Nobody in real life talks like Sadia Imam or Saleem Sheikh or Noman Masood. The idea of showing a family in trouble is good but the presentation is lame and monotonous. Sadia once again is irritating, Saleem Sheikh is just dragging along with the script, and Noman is inserted whenever needed for a few minutes and again he fails to convey his emotions through his acting. The only reason to watch the play might be to see what happens to the characters at the end (or you can just watch the last episode for that matter), but otherwise it's a waste of time.