Currently Running on PTV.
Starring: Zeba Bakhtiar, Nirma, Nadia Khan, Nayyar Ejaz, Sajjad Kishwer, Naima Khan and Rauf Khalid.
Written, produced, and directed by Rauf Khalid. After Muqadma-e-Kashmir, Visaal and Angaar Wadi, Laag is yet another serial which focuses on the ongoing freedom struggle in Occupied Kashmir and the atrocities of Indian forces on its people in general and the Mujahideen in particular.
Revolving around the character of Barrister Kailash Agarwal (Rauf Khalid) who is in search of his identity and is often haunted by memories of his childhood. Kelaash is in reality a Muslim named Hurraira whose father was killed by the Indian Army and whose whole family was brutally butchered by Kako Lala (Sohail Asghar). Kelaash's real mother Zubeida (Azra Aftab) and his sister Safiya (Nadia Khan) are sold off to a kotha in Lucknow but are rescued from there only to be made into beggars in Bombay. Finally with the help of Momal (Rashid Mehmood), Safiya's suitor, Zubeida and Safiya run away to Kashmir. Meanwhile Kelaash returns from England as a lawyer and goes to Kashmir with his foster mother (Parveen Malik) and there an event triggers off flashbacks from his past and Kelash decides to stay in Kashmir. He meets Sheetal (Nirma) as well as Major Kali Daas (Nayyer Aijaz) and becomes good friends with both off them. Sheetal falls in love with him but he does not offer her any encouragement. Kali Daas meanwhile proposes to Sheetal and blackmails her into marrying him. Kelaash on the other hand falls for Bisaal Andarabi (Zeba Bakhtiar) who is the daughter of a minister. Kali Daas is mentally unstable and tortures his wife to where she finally succumbs to death. Kelaash tries to expose Kali but fails and loses his practice license. One day his memory returns and he joins hands with the freedom movement which wins him a lot more enemies. The play was too long and dragged quite a lot. The events on Kashmir were realistic and very touching. Acting by the female cast was excellent with Nadia Khan leading the way who was real good in her role followed by Nirma who too proved that she can act too. Nayyer Aijaz was good too and people loved to hate him as Kali Daas. However it was no way like Angar wadi which was excellently portrayed. -by Gina