Released: June 1999 Nida Mumtaz, Shahood Alvi, Mona Junejo, Shahzad Ali Khan, Shahzaib, Kulsoom Sultan.
Written by: Zubair Abbassi
Directed by: Zahir Lehri

Afzal (Shahzad Ali Khan) is a dacoit and wanted by the police. He has a wife Nasreen (Mona Junejo) and a son Sikander (Shahzaib). One day as the police raids his house he and his wife manage to run away but the boy who was in the other room is left behind and is taken in by the police. As he refuses to speak a single word they think he cannot speak and give him to an orphanage.
Sitara (Nida Mumtaz) and Shahzad (Shahood Alvi) are a childless couple and finally decide to adopt one. They go to the orphanage and happen to like Sikander hence they decide to adopt him. As the police inspector turns out to be Sitara's class fellow the child is given to them and within a few days the couple become greatly attached to the boy.
Meanwhile Afzal is on the search for his child and finally traces him to Sitara's house and one day takes Nasreen to school to pick up Sikander, but at that moment Sitara comes and the child goes to her. The child is now in a dilemma. On one side are his real parents and a very bleak future and on the other side is a bright future. On the other hand Nasreen is going crazy at the loss of her child and Sitara is going crazy at the thought that the child might be taken away from her and both are driving their husbands crazy. What happens next remains to be seen as the play is being telecasted during the world cup breaks every day on PTV. The theme song is really nice and also Shahzaib does a good job. -by Gina