Starring: Nadia Khan, Tauseeq Haider, Bahar.

This musical mini serial takes us back into fantasy land. The play is based around a haveli whose head is a sultana (Bahar) who has a son Sultan (Tauseeq Haider). Mahrukh (Nadia Khan) has lost her parents, and is given shelter by the sultana. So of course the usual follows, Sultan and Mahrukh fall in love as they grow up, but mummy dear is against such a thing because of a class difference (sob).

Unlike the famous Anarkali, Mahrukh is banished from the haveli and Sultan is sent away to marry his cousin. Mahrukh is bestowed to a peasant Jeero by the sultana who takes her to his village to get married. Sultan runs away to find his beloved but finds out that she has been married.

He becomes ill and depressed and reaches a condition where the sultana has to relent and sends someone to get Mahrukh back. Meanwhile Jeero is totally enchanted by Mahrukh and is extremely kind and loving to her and treats her as is if she is a goddess. What does fate have in store for Mahrukh.

Nadia Khan looks extremely beautiful throughout the play and acts well too. The costumes are amzing too. It would have been better if the director had paid some attention to the script because the story is run of the mill and thus very weak. The play has seven or eight songs in it in which leftmenu or three are good. -by Gina