Manoos Ajnabi

Starring: Shabbir Jan, Huma Mir, Hafeez Fatima, Asif Seemab, Zeba Akbar, Raju Jamil, Latif Kapadia, and Shahzad Ali Khan.
Written By: Mehmood Ahmed Moodi
Directed by: Iqbal Latif

The play revolves around an educated, jobless man, Nasir (Shabbir Jan). His landlady's daughter Saira (Hafeez Fatima) has a soft corner for him and gives him monetary help. Finally Nasir gets tired of his job hunt and starts to earn money by fraudulent methods.
He bumps into a rich girl Goshi (Zeba Akbar) and charms her and then runs off with a check of 5000 dollars belonging to her father (Raju Jamil). His next target is his friend's boss's(Latif Kapadia) daughter Tina (Huma Mir).
He finally makes her crazy over him but Tina's father is against the marriage.
Meanwhile Goshi and Nasir meet again accidentally. Goshi forgives him for what he did to her family and now tries to make him realise that the path he is following is wrong. Also, Nasir has a gang of Mafia following him around as they believe that he has a diary belonging to them. Suspense is building up with each new episode. -by Gina