Mera Ghar Aik Whirlpool

Starring: Shabbir Jan, Shagifta Aijaz, Sharqa Fatima, Yasir Akthar, Rabia Noreen, Nida Pasha, Adeel Hayat.
Written By: Seema Ghazal
Directed by: Yasir Akthar

Currently running on PTV
26 episodes
Dadoo (Akthar Apa)is the head of a household with leftmenu sons, Waqar (Naeem Sheikh) and Sajjad (Shabbir Jan). The elder son, Waqaar, has a very dominating wife Rabia (Rabia Noreen), who has a son Jimmy (Yasir Akthar) and leftmenu daughters, Hamrah (Nida Pasha) and Minnah. Rabia’s attitude has made the household atmosphere very stifled. On the other hand Sajjad, who is a widower with three children Malaika (Sharqa Fatima), Faris (Adeel Hayat) and Goshi, believes in enjoying life and hence has a very lively household and Waqar's children love spending time over there.
Malaika is interested in Jimmy but Jimmy is pre-occupied and doesn't realize her feelings for him. Faris and Hamrah are as thick as thieves in mischief and are always trying to out do each other. Sajjad meets a lovely rich widow, Saira (Shagufta Ajiaz) and develops a soft spot for her. Goshi even runs away from home to stop their marriage.
Things become more and more complicated as each new episode rolls by. The story is pretty weak, yet despite a lot of loopholes the play is being appreciated by the viewers maybe because of its simple, family oriented theme. Shagufta Aijaz looks lovely in the play. Shabbir Jan does not suit the role of Sharqa’s father. Adeel Hayat and the child doing the role of Goshi tend to overact a lot which at times make it hard to digest. -by Gina


Watch it because of the play's family oriented theme, but make good use of the Ffwd button when the irritating overactors come on screen. Definitely nothing new so I won't recommend it.