Released: November 1998
Starring: Naseem Qureshi, Ghazala Butt, Sultan Bukhari, Aslam Rana and others.
A family in the village own the haveli but they don't know about it, so the big Khan wants them to leave in order to own the land himself. He severly injures the father of the family, and the older son (there are five sons and a girl) decides to take the family to the city (Islamabad) in order to treat the father. When they arrive at the city, they have to live in a very dirty area where everyone is very poor, and their kids have to earn the money by working in garages, washing dishes, etc. The story is based on child labor; how children of the poor grow up and what kind of situations lead them to begging and working as slaves for the rich. It's a beautiful drama and you'll be amazed at how well it has been shown. The kids do wonderful acting. -Sadia