Released: 1995/96
Starring Firdos Jamal, Saba Parvaiz, Mehood Aslam, & Waseem Abbas.
I LOVED THIS PLAY MANNNN!!!! but I suspect it is not something that would be an all around hit. It has many technical glitches, but I still loved it. The story is based on an urdu novel and the genius of it all is that it is not an adaptation...they did not bastardize the novel to make it into a digestable maintains the novel's originality and invites one to is not simple and straightforward -a lot of mindwork involved- so don't watch it when you're tired or are looking for a few laughs or thrills. It's more like a you a different kind of pleasure (TAKES U HIGHER!!!). It's a very abstract story. Two apparently completely unrelated stories start the play...Firdos Jamal is a lawyer and so is this "girl" (played by Faryal Gauhar's sister), and they meet when they're students...and then obviously they get married. On the other hand Saba Parvaiz is one screwed up lady living in a village. Waseem Abbas comes as a bride-seeker, and they have an arranged marriage. Everything's fine & dandy at the beginning, but we can't have THAT in a drama, so things start going wrong...on both sides...the play is being narrated by mehmood aslam who is a writer and is preparing a kind of a manuscript for his next novel...Firdos Jamal is his old they get connected to the other couple is what you'll have to see and find out:) There are just too many little things in the drama that a review can't cover. Do remember that it's not mass-entertainment we're talking about here, so get it when your mind is at ease ( the drama will take care of that peace-of-mind ;) It's definitely one of a kind! WARNING: epitome of "slow!!"...if you thought KAAL was slow you have another thing coming! -Ali