Released: April 1999. ITV production. Starring: Noman Masood, Maria Wasti, and Savaira Jamil.
Rimsha (Maria Wasti) is a rich spoilt girl who falls madly in love with Ahmer (Noman Masood). Her father is a very prominent heart surgeon, and she asks her father to do a life saving operation for Ahmer's neice for free, as they are unable to raise the required amount of money. This act leaves Ahmer's family in debt to Rimsha's family, hence they instantly agree when Rimsha's parents talk about Rimsha's and Ahmer's wedding.
They force Ahmer to marry Rimsha despite the fact that he is in love with Sajjal who is a painter. Ahmer and Rimsha are married and Sajjal leaves for England. Ahmer makes it clear though to Rimsha that he does not love her and never can too. Rimsha tries to win him over with her love but fails and then for his happiness leaves him and goes to Sajjal's house to ask her to marry him. Here Sajjal intervenes and asks Ahmer to bring Rimsha back which he does.
Gradually Rimsha's love starts melting his heart but fate has something else in store for him. During childbirth Rimsha goes into a coma and eight years pass by. Ahmer's love for Rimsha is greatly intensified by her present condition and much of his time is spent at her bedside. Meanwhile their daughter Areej (Janita Zafar) develops a friendship with Sajjal on her return.
Ahmer's family as well as his in law's decide to get Ahmer and Sajjal married for Areej's sake. Ahmer is forced to consent for a marriage yet the very day that they are engaged Rimsha wakes up although she is crippled. She finds out and realizes that over the years Ahmer and Areej have moved away from her. She now asks Ahmer to marry Sajjal, but Ahmer refuses and Sajjal once again leaves for England. Rimsha finally realizes that she cannot always dictate her terms, but by then it is too late. The end is very unexpected and jolts up the viewers. The play took off really well, but then started to drag in the middle and though improved towards the end it could not regain its earlier momentum. It would have been much better had it been a mini serial. The child star performed excellently. -by Gina