Dastak aur Darwazay

Released: October 1998. Lahore Tv. Starring: Uzma Wahid, Azfar Tahir, Nauman Ijaz, Sawaira Nadeem, and Saleem Shaikh. Written by Khalil-ur-Rehman. Directed by Salman Shahid.
Ahmad Hassan is an english professor at a university (played by one of the Perzada brothers??) who believes that women and men are equal and women just like men have as much a right to live their lives as they want.(Sounds unbelievable? you can say that again!) I must say I admire the guy! Ok moving on with the story, Ahmad's wife asks for a divorce after being married for 2 years. He agrees since he does not believe in leaving women in bondage.
Enter Rabia (Sawaira Nadeem) who's engaged to Nauman, idolized by Salim Shaikh, and idealizes her teacher Ahmad Hassan. Seeing Salim's madness, Rabia asks him to put his efforts towards getting an education and making a name for himself. Salim, with Rabia's support, becomes a bureaucratic officer and betrays her trust.
The story culminates from there on. Sounds like a play with great potential and some new ideas as well. Let's see what the viewers think!