Doosri Duniya


Currently running on PTV.
Starring: Humayun Saeed, Sadia Imam, Farhan Ali Agha, Kaiser Khan, Zarika, Shakeel, Uzma Wahid, Nasreen Rauf, and others.
Written by: Zahida Hina
Directed by: Sultana Siddiqui.

The story revolves around a young man from poor background Shahab (Farhan Ali Agha) who wants to make it big in the world no matter what. Hence by wrong means he goes to America on some one else's visa lottery and changes his name to that person's name.
In America using every false means he starts collecting money and then marries a rich American lady Jenny and starts embezzling her money. She soon finds out and throws him out. He then goes to Dallas where he bumps into three friends, Savera (Sadia Imam), Maham (Zareka) and her cousin/fiance Nadir (Humayun Saeed).
Having seen Savera in Karachi and thinking her to be the daughter of a millionare Farhan marries her only to find out to the contrary.
Meanwhile Nadir and Rahat (Kaiser Khan) become suspicious of Farhan and his activities. Savera's and Farhan's marriage starts to deteriorate; misunderstandings also develop between Maham and Nadir. How the story moves on remains to be seen as Savera and Jenny come face to face.
The play is not as impressive as Sultana Siddiqui's ealrlier plays like Marvi and Yeh Zindagi. Like many other plays more emphasis is placed on glamour and sceneries. -by Gina