Doosra Asmaan

Released: 1993-94
Starring: Abid Ali, Mahnoor Baloch, Asad, Sami Sani, Ayub Khoso and other familiar faces. The play is essentially set in Dubai after a brief story which starts out in Lahore. Abid Ali is shown as a man of ambition and charisma who is not afraid to do anything to succeed. The viewer ends up liking him eventhough hating him for his unusual tactics. The story revolves around Abid Ali and his friends who come to Dubai and make a lot of money by using and abusing people and in many cases helping others too. Mahnoor plays his daughter and Sami Sani plays the good guy, a disillusioned idealist who is hunted down by Asad at every corner. The story is of power and money and it's presented in a nice way, but its got about 20 episodes. Watch it if you have a lot of time on your hands.