Released: August 1998 for independence day
Starring: Maria Wasti, Asad, Khayam Sarhadi, Saira Khan, and other well-known faces.
In honor of Pakistan's golden jubilee, PTV WORLD aired this drama serial. Khayam Sarhadi plays an old fellow that loses his family during the partition. His son grows up to be a typical rich businessman and doesn't realize that the father of one of the workers in his factory is actually his father (Khayam Sarhadi). It seems like a typical storyline but as it developes it becomes very interesting as Khayam's grandchildren become involved with each other. It is a family drama and the best aspects of it are the dialogues and Khayam Sarhadi's performance. They make a person think about the torture of the partition of India and Pakistan as well as the sacrifices made for our country by our forefathers. A four-star drama. - Naureen