Dukh Dariya Ki Sassi

Released: December 1998;
Starring: Nida Mumtaz, Hassam Qazi, Sanam Iqbal, Aslam Latar, and some new faces
It is a great pity that NTM has been churning out nonsense these days. For its December line-up, Dukh Darya ki Sassi was supposed to be one of the best dramas that the channel had to offer. Unfortunately, the drama couldn't live up to its reputation. The positve points of the drama were that the approach to the subject was somewhat original, the acting was good, the ending was intriguing, the wardrobe and make-up were in tune with the mood of the drama, the music was dynamic at times, and technically, it was well done. On the negative side, the characters of Sanam Iqbal and Aslam Latar were wasted. We all have noticed how rare good scripts are these days and this drama definitely wasn't a rare one. -Naureen