Released December 1998; Starring:Kaiser Khan, Sanam Iqbal, Humayun Saeed, Latif Kapadia, Fazila Qazi, Qazi Wajid, etc.
Considering that this is a Kaiser Khan production and his last drama "Anhoni" was excellently done, anyone would think that this drama would be a real hit. Unfortunately, it wasn't. Even though the drama sported an experienced cast, a nice director, a couple of new and talented faces, and some good technical production work, the storyline was weak and confusing. The drama is intended to be a murder mystery, but there isn't much suspense to rave about. The story reminds the audience sometimes about the X-files with the leftmenu main detectives having a nonchalant romance while trying to search for the truth at the same time. One piece of advice to Kaiser Khan - try a better script next time! And as for paki drama fanatics, walk (don't run) to the video store. - Naureen