Ghazi Shaheed

Starring: Shabbir Jan, Mishi Khan, Adnan Jillani, Sadia Jillani, Humayun Saeed, Ghalib Kamal, Shahzad Raza, Azra Siddiq, M. Warsi, Mubina Dossal.
Directed by: Kazim Pasha.

Based on a real life story, this long play depicts the story of the Naval submarine Ghazi and its 93 crew members who had embraced martyrdom while fulfilling their mission in 1971. The play is realistically presented and is a treat to watch. Ofcourse what really happened to Ghazi will remain for ever a mystery but the explanation that later came up is shown in this play.

Ghazi was Pakistan's first submarine, and it was commanded by Commander Zafar Mohammed (Shabbir Jan). The play shows the families and friends of the young officers and their daily life interactions. We have Cdr. Zafar (Shabbir Jan), his wife Lalarukh (Mishi Khan) and their child Sameer. Then the second in command is Lt. Cdr Parvez Amin (Adnan Jillani) and his wife Kulsoom (Sadia Jillani) as well as a couple of younger officers, Lt. Bashir Rajput (Humayun Saeed) and Lt. Nazir Awan (Ghalib Kamal) as well as his newly wedded bride Shehla (Azra Siddiq). The first half revolves around picnics and parties before Submarine Ghazi is sent on patrolling as the conditions are deterioting in East Pakistan.

During patrolling the submarine was given a mission to mine the Vishakapatnam harbour in India and they completed it succesfully. During the mining mission, Ghazi collides with one of its own mines and the 93 crew members embrace martyrdom. The play was amazingly presented and should not be missed. -by Gina