Released: Summer 1997
Starring: Mahazar Ali, Saba Hameed, Rehana Siddiqi and others. I would say this is a typical Paki drama. There is a married couple who just happen to be the happiest couple; they are insperiable. They also have a six month old son named Zaman. Something dramatic happens and they are separated. Then the Mazhar Ali remarries a lady who he is not as much in love with as his first wife, Ismat. Habib (husband) marries a widow who has a son from her previous marriage. Habib and Tamkaynat (second wife) have a daughter named Timsal. What makes you want to watch is that you don't what separated Habib and Ismat. This drama is kind of slow. All the mysteries of their lives are solved when the childern are college students. I really recommend this one if you're looking for good actors and a sad story with a happy ending....Nausheen