Kiran Kahani

Starring: Nadia Jameel, Rehan Sheikh, Shahood Alvi, Safia Khairi, Sajida Syed, Latif Kapadia, Jamshed Ansari.
Written by: Haseena Moin
Directed by: Zarak
Telecasted on PTV World.

This serial is a remake of Haseena Moin's all time hit Kiran Kahani. The original had Roohi Bano and Manzoor Qureishi in the lead roles and they had performed excellently. Replacing them we have Nadia Jameel and Rehan Sheikh. The new version does not even present a shadow of the old one. The new cast fails to prove their mark especially when the viewers compare them to the actors who had done the old version. Leaving that aside the acting by some actors isn't that bad but naturally when you have a re-make people tend to associate the characters with the artists who had originally played them.

Coming back to the serial, it revolves around the character of Kiran/Aashi (Nadia Jameel) who has lost her own identity due to her parents' separation. She spends some time with her mother Sajida Syed who lives with her brother Jamshed Ansari and who calls her Kiran while her father calls her Aashi. She starts working at a hospital where she meets Dr Salman (Rehan Sheikh), her boss, and his good for nothing cousin Irfan (Shahood Alvi).
Then after some hilarious mistakes by Kiran, and some cute comedy, Salman finally finds out the truth that she is rich and is only working for enjoyment.
During all the fun and games, Kiran's mother insists on her engagement to her nephew, and her phuppi insists on her getting engaged to her nephew. Kiran in a fix decides to enroll Salman's help and so they get engaged just to pacify her father. But while the father agrees to Salman, her aunt and her mother do not so within the same week Kiran gets engaged to Salman, Abid and Safdar and she is bent on breaking all three engagements as she does not have any rosy ideas about marriage.
Then Salman finds out. This naturally infuriates him as he has over the period fallen in love with her and he decides to make her change her attitude about love. Will he succeed??? Meanwhile Irfan too takes up a job in Kiran's house to help Salman win over Kiran.
The play is good. Haseena's dialogues are funny and witty. The acting by Nadia and Rehan is good, naturally not as good as Roohi and Manzoor, and Rehan looks real cute in his role. However Shahood Alvi fails to step in Khaled Zafar's shoes and the person who is doing Safdar's role makes you want to bang your head against the wall; originally this role was done by Jamshed Ansari and he was excellent. I would recommend that you watch the original (black & white) version if you can get a hold of it. However if you have not seen the original and cannot get it, then go ahead and watch the new Kiran Kahani as that way you won't know what you have really missed. -by Gina

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